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  1. Dangers of using the Referer Header for CSRF checks


    Cross Site Request Forgery is a common type of web application vulnerability that can easily be mitigated by doing the following:

    • Checking the HTTP Referer header
    • Using CSRF tokens
    • Ensuring that the website does not contain any Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities

    Unfortunately ...

  2. Proxy Cheat Sheet

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    Proxy Cheat Sheet

    All my VMs at work are behind a proxy so I end up having to set up proxy for many applications. Saw this as a perfect oportunity to build the ultimate "Proxy cheat sheet". I will continue to update ...

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    Useful git commands

    Some useful git commands I encounter at work. I will update this page whenever I come accross something useful.

    View all commits within a time time period

    View all commits between midnight September 28th 2016 to midnight September 30th ...